Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our No Good Very Bad Day (or Weekend)

I was Memorial weekend and Trav had been out of work for a couple of months (way longer than either of us thought he would be) and he was getting very frustrated. He had applied to hundreds of jobs and gotten very little response. One of the jobs he was interviewed had gone with another applicant and we were waiting to hear from two more interviews. We were both looking forward to a relaxing weekend of four wheeling with my family at the Knoll's. That morning Trav had a missed call on his phone. We were both excited to hear the voicemail hoping for good news. It was the girl who had interviewed him for a job a the University of Utah. She said "Hi this is so and so from blah blah blah. We really appreciate you coming in for an interview but at this time we are going to ask you to NOT join our team?" I was a bit stunned. I had never heard someone put it like that and it made me mad. I know she was trying to soften the blow and sometimes you can get flustered when you leave message but it really ticked me off. Trav was pretty bummed and really discouraged. That night we packed up the truck and headed off for our fun weekend hoping to leave our stress behind. After driving for about an hour we pulled into the campsite. It was way cold and windy so I took Annabelle to the trailer so we could unload without her in the way. The second Trigger was let out of the truck he started racing up and down the desert trying to let out his cooped up energy. When I got out of the trailer and headed toward the truck to help unload I saw Trav dragging Trig by the collar toward me. He said we needed to take him to the vet. I was a little confused and then I saw this gaping hole in his chest. He had been attacked and bitten by my uncle's two pit bulls. I panicked a little and then started calling everyone I knew at home to help me find the nearest vet. We ended up having to all the way back to Tooele. After a couple of stitches he was as good as new.

Trav was pretty mad about the whole thing (this was his baby we're talking about) and really just wanted to go home, but we had left the fourwheelers at the camp so we could get to the vet faster. Since we had to go back anyway we decided to stay and try to made the best out of it. Saturday night Trigger started coughing. I thought he had something stuck in his throat and was trying to get it out. As the weekend went on the hacking got worse and he started spitting stuff up and even threw up a couple of times. Trav started to think that maybe he had kennel cough or something (he got vaccinated the day we left so we thought it could be a reaction to the shot). The cough went away after a few days but I was pretty worried for a while. So what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend escape from our stress at home ended up being pretty stressul. We did have a blast fourwheeling around the desert though so I'm glad we stayed.
Here he is showing off his war wound. Now that the hair has grown back you can't even see the scar. I love how his lip is caught on his tooth.

He also sliced his knee jumping into the trailer. That thing took weeks to heal since he wouldn't quit licking it. That dog is quite the licker.
I just love his handsome face.

No photo shoot would be complete without a shot of the little girl.