Monday, November 30, 2009

Denver Trip

We had the opportunity to go to Denver the second week of November. Travis had to take a certification test for work and I decided to tag along. We left Salt Lake on Saturday and got back on Tuesday. It was fun to get away and be together for four days straight. Since Trav is so busy we don't get to spend as much time together as we used so it was a nice change of pace. We went with Trav's coworker Derek and his wife Courtnie. They wre finished with their test at nine thirty in the morning so we got to spend the rest of the day doing touristy stuff. First we headed to the Buffalo Bill Museum and grave. Since I had just seen an episode of ghost of hunters that took place at the museum I wasn't too excited to go. Ever since I was little I have an a phobia of dead things, cemetaries, and ghosts. I felt funny the entire time I was there. I could picture all of the ghost stories I heard that supposedly took place there. Travis made fun of me for it. Here's a view of the city from the museum.
Buffalo Bill's grave.
There was also a view of the Coors Brewery.
Did you know Buffalo Bill was a Bronco fan?
They had cowboy costumes you could take pictures in and a horse and calf to pose on. Here are Derek and Courtnie riding the calf.

Trav roped the calf in one try.
Howdy Partner.

Trav found a cool carved bear chair in the store at the Museum.
After the museum we took a tour of the Coors Brewery.

They give wristbands to anyone over 21 that want to get samples. Even though none of us drink we all had to get wristbands.
They have a recording that explains how the process works.
Here we are in front of all of the copper pots. I hate the smell of beer and the entire building was stinky. You could even smell it outside.
When Trav found out we were going to Denver the first thing he thought of was the Broncos since he is a die hard fan. They Broncos were playing the Steelers on Monday Night Football so we had to go. Trav has been to several gaves in the past but this was my first NFL game. It was a bit expensive but so much fun.
Travis on his way to the Holy Land.
I have no idea what I was looking at.
We were just a tad bit early to the game. Can you tell we were pretty excited?
They put orange pom poms on the back of every chair.
Here's the team getting pumped up before kickoff.
The Steelers have the biggest traveling fan base in the league. Sometimes it seemed like Steelers fans outnumbered Bronco fans.
Half time was dedicated to the Veterans in honor of Veterans Day. I love anything patriotic and it was cool to hear the stories of the soldiers that were honored.
Travis took at least a hundred pictures at the game and several vidoes so these are just a few. Even though the Broncos lost it was a get experience. I love watching football seeing it live and cheering and booing is so much fun. Hopefully we'll get to go a lot more games in the future.
We tried to get a picture of the both of us in front of the sign with the horse statue on top but this was the best we could do.
We stayed at a really nice hotel right in the middle of downtown Denver. This is the lobby.
Just off the lobby was a bar and restaurant.
I loved the architectural details in the hallway.
Travis said several times throughout the trip that he loves Denver that he is going to live there someday so I'm sure we'll several repeat visits in our life. This was definitely one of my favorite vacations we've taken together.

Better Late than Never

So Halloween has come is way gone. Which means so has my 25th birthday. We kept Halloween a little bit more low key this year. Because Trav is so busy working full time, going to grad school at Westminster, playing in a basketball league, and playing in a flag football league we weren't able to plan the party in advance like we should have. By the time we got around to organizing it only a few of our family members could make it. It was nice only have a few people in my house rather than forty though. We just hung out and ate food. Here we are in our costumes.
My mom the clown.

Most of the people who were able to make it.

I was a Ute fan. Notice the horns, tail, and pitch fork.
I swear I got a rash from wearing that awful shirt.
Trav was some kind of a crazy zombie doctor.
He does crazy well.
The yummy punch.
The food I made way too much of so I was eating it for a week.
Mummy pizzas on left and mummy dogs on right. The picture on the recipe for the pizzas looked much more like mummies though. Mine were more like blobs of cheese with two random olives.
These were supposed to be fingers.
Brain dip.
We had the party the night before Halloween since people are usually busy with their own Halloween traditions. Trav ended up going to the Ute game on Halloween since it was the only game he could make to this year due to the hunts and school. This is how Trav went to the game. I'm considering a career change and becoming a makeup artist.
Travis loves to decorate the house and he works so hard on it that I wanted to add a few pictures of the house.
This is his "window display" complete with a pirate skeleton and Michael Myers (you can't really see him in the pic though)

You had to walk under a spiders web to get to the front door. The two lights toward the bottom of the pic are the eyes of the giant turrantula.
Were you aware of the giant monster that lives in our home?
Even though we didn't do a whole lot for Halloween it was a blast. I am glad we decided to the party last minute because I probably wouldn't have celebrated Halloween or my birthday without it. Hopefully we'll be a little more on the ball next year.