Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Spirit

I thought I might put everyone in the Halloween spirit. I guess you could say that we are a Halloween family. Travis loves to go all out decorating for Halloween and I am a Halloween baby. Last year we decided to have a giant Halloween party to celebrate my birthday and so everyone could see Trav's decorations (It was our first Halloween since we moved back to Salt Lake). We invited both of our families and extended family and ended up with over 40 people in our house. It was not only the first the party we hosted in our new hose but the first ever. It was a tad stressful but a lot of fun. We look forward to making it a tradition. Trav was a mad scientist. On Halloween night he scared a little girl Trick or Treater so bad that she screamed, dropped her bag of candy, and ran across the street. It was hilarious.
Trav's family hung out in the dining area (we sent the teenagers up to the loft)

And mine took the family room and the TV.

Aunt or "Granny" Dawnell

"Nana Banana"

Matt and Amanda were pirates.

My uncle Rich was a pirate too.

The spread. We made a ton of "yummy" food.
Like boogers on a stick (no one wanted to eat these. I can't imagine why not)
And mini mummies
The brain was an excellent addition
We all enjoyed the severed toes. We also had bbq'd bat wings, poop dip, pimples, and few different witches brews.

We had cupcakes for dessert. These were the Twilight variety.
We also had spiders and webs.

And ghosts rounded out the dessert menu.
This was not our first Halloween experience.
Travis Halloween 2008

I was a witch.

Even our pets can't get out of celebrating Halloween.

Cap'n Jack-o-lantern

Here's Trav Halloween 2007. I should totally be a makeup artist.

Don't ask what I am or what I'm doing. I have no idea.

This was our first Halloween together. It was 2004 right after we started dating. Trav was a nerd and I was a cat.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!

Elk Hunt 2009

The first weekend in Oct. marks the beginning of hunting season. This year we went back down to the Gooseberry area (which is near Salina in Central Utah) for the elk hunt. We hadn't gone down there for a few years so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately the elk hunt is more of a drive around on four wheelers with guns instead of a hunt since they haven't killed an elk in years. This year Trav and his dad drew out for cow licenses (female elk) so I though for sure we'd get one since cows are much more common and we'd have a freezer full of meat. But sadly, this year was no different than previous years. No elk. It wasn't because they didn't have their chances though. They got several shots off at a few different elk but missed. I told Travis that he better get some time in at the gun range before the deer hunt because I am tired of having to buy meat at the store. The week before the hunt I was swamped with a project for work and only slept a few hours every day so I was way too tired to get up before dark and ride a four wheeler around in the cold so I just stayed back with the dogs. The weather wasn't too bad. It rained and hailed a bit on Sat. and blew like crazy on Sun. but we've had much worse on the elk hunt. Even though the hunt was't successful it was a lot of fun. I loved escaping to the woods and just relaxing. We road our four wheelers through the prettiest trail that weaved through the quakies.

Tav and Kat getting ready to load the wheelers.

The family trying to keep warm by the fire.

This is how Trigger looked most of the trip. Nose to the ground scrounging for anything he could get his mouth on. Unfortunately, wood and cow poop were his food of choice.

My big bad hunter and his 8 mo. old and still growing pup. He hasn't been weighed for a few months but I bet he's pushing 80 pounds.

Trav and his dad.

What a handsome boy posing for a treat. (the orange vest made it way easier to find him in the woods)

Annabelle loves to give kisses.

Trav with Nana and Pa.

Trav's parent's new trailer. It was sooo nice having a toilet. The first year we went down there after we got married (which was my first ever hunting experience) we stayed in tents and used a bucket with a seat for a toilet. The next year I made my parents come with their trailer so I could use their bathroom. I'm just not a roughing it kinda girl.

It is so pretty down there. We got to watch the leaves begin turn colors while we there. I hope we don't have to wait another three years to go down there again.
On the way out of the canyon we got stuck for at least an hour at road construction. This is Trav's construction face.

While we were waiting a flock of wild turkeys walked by and Annabelle went nuts trying to get to them. (I am not a nut who dresses her pets for looks (even though she does look adorable in her sweater) She gets cold very easy. Even with the sweater on she spent most of the weekend shivering)

At least we had a good view while waiting in the road construction mess.
Hopefully we'll have better luck at the deer hunt this weekend.