Monday, February 2, 2009

Out of Excuses

So I know I haven't posted in forever but there was absolutely nothing to blog about and quite frankly I didn't feel like it. I don't feel like doing much of anything these days it seems. There is one new development in our lives though. We are getting a PUPPY! Yes that's right. We are getting another dog. Travis has been saying that he needs a "man's dog" pretty much our entire marriage. When we got Annabelle we weren't allowed to have pets where we lived so we had to get a little dog which would be easier to hide. When we moved into a tiny rental house Trav thought it was time, but I told him the house was just too small and didn't have a fenced yard so there was no way we could have a big dog. So we decided we'd wait until we had our own home with a fenced yard. I agreed, thinking that it would be several years before we would be able to get into our own house. Much to my surprise that house came way sooner than expected. As soon as we started looking at houses Travis started talking about his man's dog. I than explained that we should wait because buying your first home, moving to a different city, and starting new jobs was enough of a responsibility. So he said he'd wait until his birthday (which is in April). I reluctantly agreed hoping that I would pregnant by then so I could use that as an excuse. Since the whole baby thing isn't working out, I find myself out of excuses with a puppy on the way.
This is one of the two puppies we have on hold. We didn't want to pick one yet because they are still so young that you can't really tell what their personalities are like. Travis originally wanted a Vizsla but decided they are just too energetic for us right now. We decided on a chocolate lab (no Amanda that is not a puppy that was created in a laboratory. It is a Labrador retriever). Travis wants to train it to go bird hunting (even though he has never even been bird hunting). We pick our puppy in three weeks and get to take hime home a week later (unless they listened to Trav's suggestion that they keep the pups with their mom for eight weeks instead of six). I really really didn't want another dog but now that I saw them I am so excited. I hope Annabelle adjusts well and that Travis holds up his end of the bargain.

Here's our list of favorite names for him (in order):

1.Bronco (as in Denver)
2.Remington (like the gun. Remi for short)
3.Linkin (after Linkin Park. Trav's favorite band)
4. Sylar (after the villain on Heroes)
5. Maverick
6. Guiness
Which one do you like?